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Lord Jesus, please forgive me of my sins Jesus I come to you, I know that I am a sinner, I truly believe that you died on the cross and you were resurrected from the dead Lord Jesus I love you and will follow your way and worship you all the days of my life so that I may have eternal life in your kingdom. In Jesus Christ name, I pray, Amen
It's not the words that "save you" Repentance of your sins and Faith in Jesus through the Blood of Jesus that's what saves you nothing else
if you prayed that prayer and meant it. You have repented of your sins and placed your Faith in Jesus you are now saved.
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Victory Temple Ministries 908 S.E. Williston Rd Gainesville, Fl 32641 Phone # (352) 377-4944 or e-mail us @ [email protected]
To learn more about the Lord JESUS CHRIST read in the Bible the four gospels Mark, Mathew, Luke and John  May God Blessing be upon you 
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