Victory Temple Ministries 908 S.E. Williston Rd Gainesville, Fl  - "Your Place Of Empowerment!" (352) 377-4944
Victory temple was founded by Dr.Aaron S. Young, Sr., along with his wife Mrs. LaShon Young, in September 1988, in Gainesville, Fl. Pastor Young stated that the Lord spoke to him  to start A ministry.  At that time, He was shown the name "Victory Temple", with a vision of building a church that would house outreach facilities for the community.  This was an awesome and fearful task, especially because his only parishioners were him, his wife LaShon, and their children, Aaron Jr.  and Ariana, began through faith, obeying the call of the Lord, and totally depending on Him for instructions.  The first service was held at the Willihmenia Johnson Community Center With Pastor Young and his family. 
 His wife would sing, pray, and read the scripture.  He would preach to her and their two young children.  Because Pastor Aaron Young was such a man of faith, every service he would thank God for his members and the vision he was inpregnated with.  As people would come Pastor Young along with his wife, diligently worked to build people of faith, purpose, and power.  Pastor Young's ministry objective was to continuously encourage people that in spite of every adversity, that through Christ Jesus there is a life of Victory! He would empahasize the importance of being God-conscious, as he taught the uncompromised word of God.  His dream was to reach and empower the hurting and lost with a message of faith, hope and love to help them overcome the challenges they faced in life and to become firmly rooted in the word of God.  
Pastor Aaron Young, Sr. was a people's pastor, a touchable pastor, an understanding loving and kind pastor who was committed to ministering to the total man.  It was important to him as people of God that we prosper even as our souls prosper thus causing us to live a life of Victory!
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